Cloud Solutions

Whether your goal is to make a customer-centric enterprise, move to the cloud, gain data-driven intelligence, or establish IT-driven price creation services, the LogicQ apply offers a good vary of solutions and services to form your digital business a success:

Cloud Application Development

Our team provides custom cloud application services that concentrate on public, personal and hybrid cloud podiums byusing latest technology and skills high-powered to attain success.

Cloud Migration Support

We offer application migration to the cloud, delivering climbable computing management and empowering your app to induce access to versatile infrastructure services in line with your business wants.

Cloud Configuring

We provide custom cloud configuring therefore it reflects your business infrastructure necessities leading to higher measurability, increased data recovery and improved use of our app.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

LogicQ applies IaaS to help recent organizations with inadequate hardware investment and rising businesses with unpredictable demand utterly source hardware purchase, permitting practical expenses, machine-controlled vigorous increase and with efficiency reducing infrastructure expenses.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

We communicate PaaS to produce custom varied resident apps and services that ar independent of a specific stump. Virtueinfo influences the approachable design of PaaS to allow integration by bequest apps and varied operations in numerous IT atmospheres.

Software as a service (SaaS)

The custom SaaS applications we tend to develop, portion a solo, codebase and mutual infrastructure that area unit congruent throughout all gadgets. As a web-related service, we tend to empower admittance to your application and its operations approving you to arise speedily and scale everlastingly to satisfy the client needs.